The recent rapid increase in the use of intelligent connected vehicles and drones demands safety and well organized system for monitoring by various stakeholders. Our Beyond-Line-Of-sight (BLOS) device and Centerline Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system combines fleet management and tracking all in one solution for their vehicles, water-craft and drones from their location to anywhere on the planet.

Why our solution? - Telecommunications infrastructures cannot keep pace with the demand for high-volume, real-time data from many more simultaneous users.

More accurate data means better quality of service for your customers.

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Introducing a more simpler and powerful way to your company's transformation to the digital world with our solution and services.

  • Coordinate and monitor work in real time, organize your teams in a private social style work flow, and collaborate securely with everyone.
  • Uses the power of AI to save time and reduce costs.
  • Customize a smart, self-learning knowledge base, manage incidents and events in-real time with one place to respond.
  • Simplifying all types of work tasks in any profession

Let the system work for you not you for it.

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Merging digital with the physical world and create a fully digital work environment  in which your teams can interact with.

Our AIM application connects people, machines and environments and provides customized visualisation at your fingertips. It also allows users to interact in their work and play environments, inter-connect with 3rd party applications without compromising privacy by using our proprietary AIM technology. It is available in cloud, server and data centre and is Atlassian Stack compatible.

...Because more meaningful knowledge gives better insight and flexibility.

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Autonomous Logistics …

Centerline UTM Central Contol for air land and water autonomous transport is used in the IPD (Intelligent Parcel Delivery) use-case by teh Locust Group.  The Centerline provides communications and IT infrastructure for autonomous transport coordination, feet management, and tracking.

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