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Access Insight Monitoring (AIM)

AIM is a location-based data capture and analytics platform used for businesses, institutions and organizations to make better decisions and in turn add value.  As a stand-alone or in combination with our precise location tracking, beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) data link device, AIM can provide a more granular insight into the situation where a significant impact can be made.

AIM NEXT Management Platform

From the drone operator, renewable energy supplier, competitive global logistics company, real estate agency, or farmer who needs to keep a close eye on their fields, to the railroad maintenance team needing to provide better service to the rail operator, having a technical management solution which adds more value to your work effort is key.

* Geo-positioning accuracy down to 10 cm for location based services, infrastructure and other inspections.

* Full professional knowledge hub and project management application suite with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for data analytics and rich content which is adaptable to organisations in any sector

* API's for linking to 3rd party applications and other data sources

* Available in cloud, enterprise server, and data centre versions

* Flexible options so that you pay only for what you need.

AIM Next combines the power of the AIM platform with the low power Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) data link technology is used to compress data down to as little as 4% with 100% fidelity and send it up to 5 times faster than normal telecommunications conveyance. BLOS can be seen, with certain data, as making 4G behave as 5G network.

More accurate data means better quality of service for your customers.

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OUTREACH PLATFORM Enterprise Solution

Whether you are a start-up, cluster, or innovation campus wanting to provide virtual offices and hot desks, or a large organisation with geographically separated teams, OUTREACH is a business solution designed to set you on the path to 'the future of work' without the sole reliance on social media.

* Develop scalable creator outreach frameworks to identify, recruit, and partner with the world’s most influential creators to launch their membership strategy.

* Drive relationships with creator organizations and build unique business models with these organizations to better recruit makers.

* Serve as a thought-leader at industry events and in strategic pitch conversations with talent managers, investors, funders, agents and influential makers.

* Be the voice of your target makers and ensure you build products that serve the needs of you most valued customers.

* Coordinate work cross-functionally (product, marketing, support) to ensure launches are successful through publicity campaigns and other events.

* Develop a consultative engagement process for all of your business units from anywhere and work to scale your best practice across the organization.

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Autonomous Logistics …

Centerline UTM Central Contol for air land and water autonomous transport is a customized AIM Next solution used in the IPD (Intelligent Parcel Delivery) use-case by the Locust Group.  The Centerline provides communications and IT infrastructure for autonomous transport coordination, feet management, and tracking. see: how this began

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