The recent rapid increase in the use of drones demands safety and well organized system for monitoring by various stakeholders.

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Our proprietary AIM solution for Internet of Things and Smart Cities provides users with the extra edge to for more revenue streams in IoT.

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With the added growing demand, how does monitoring critical infrastructure save lives, reduce cost, and maintenance resources?

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Addressing your important needs…

We enable operators, users and owners of autonomous systems and critical infrastructures to extend their reach to their important assets from anywhere, helping them to keep their investment safe.  That’s right, Just like the Mars rover needs to send a large volume of data from Mars to the Earth during short periods when they are in line of each other,  you can now control, send and receive live data from these critical sources all the way from the other side of the planet in real-time to monitor these assets. How long do we want to wait until the right information about a serious problem reaches those who need to know?

So how does our beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) product work?  Well, we have a critical infrastructure or, for example, a large wind farm, intelligent buildings or gas infrastructure, with hundreds of thousands of sensors and warning devices.  This means that a large amount of data needs to arrive at a central location often through limited network coverage or capacity.  Why not have the ability to run a full diagnostics check before arriving on the scene of a problem or to prevent having to do so in the first place.

We capture that needed data from the object or asset’s sensors and/or control systems, bundle it in a manner best for rapidly sending it from anywhere in the world, while at the same time monitoring the critical infrastructure’s health, status, etc.  Then we send it using our proprietary encoding method rapidly through long-range existing network infrastructure to the central control station or other desired location.  On top of that, we provide the ability for the end user to choose the alerting or data in the form the end user and stakeholders can understand.

Now why would someone want to collect large-volume data from an infrastructure?  While the gas or other high risk products from a leak are moving quickly, there are people at risk out there, so they know why they this information.   Risk, safety and protecting lives and investments by prevention or acting to solve a problem as soon as possible could be a good reason.

What’s in it for the customer?

The potential to get immediate access to customers beyond their current business reach,  Increased situation awareness through ambient and data intelligence,  Enable the ability to save time and cost while providing them with a rapid oversight on their geographic area of responsibility, real-time status on fleets and other assets and reduce their operating risk.

What sets ours apart from the others?

Our proven and patented ambient intelligence technology is able to compress live data down to as little as 5% of its original volume and thus send it up to 5 times faster than current traditional means.  Now what kind of small, lightweight, low-energy data link has that kind of power?

Use Cases

Intelligent Building Management, Infrastructure Inspection, Intelligent Transport Systems, Smart Logistics for manned and autonomous systems, Upstream and Downstream Energy Management, Water Management, Others.


Users of our technology include: tier 1 and tier two companies who are operators or maintainers of fleets of autonomous vehicles, energy and other critical infrastructures.

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