Today’s Trade Wars

trade wards

What can startups and small companies do to avoid the high cost impact of trade wars and higher tariffs?

Currently startups and small businesses that import and export products are significantly affected by the impending trade tariffs.

According to the National Retail Federation in the US, they played a leading role in the business community’s effort to educate legislators on the importance of free trade and the negative impact of trade tariffs on businesses and consumers. NRF is working to amplify the voices of  businesses that are paying the cost of the trade war. See how it is affecting these businesses directly.

Courtesy National Retail Federation

Courtesy National Retail Federation

What can you as a small business or startup do as you will be among those facing the most impacted?

  • Manage and monitor your supply and cashflow closely
  • Anticipate the impact and seek measurable ways to reduce risk and compensate.
  • Consider renegotiating pricing, quantity, and other terms with your suppliers
  • Manage inventory levels closely
  • Stay in regular contact and building relationships with government foreign exchange officers who can inform and guide you regarding new or changing policy....This is crucial


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