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Why do we need all of these smart tools anyway?  Aren’t we smart enough?

Today’s trends are leading us toward wanting a better life-work balance so that we can really choose where we spend our time.  Of course we know that there in an ever increasing demand for knowledge and information but what do we do with that?  ”If entrepreneurship is celebrated as a means of giving people the opportunity to define the kind of life they want to have, how tragic that it comes at the expense of other things worth having.” The Entrepreneur Europe. While there are two forces at work fighting for the balance of power: Increasing demand for work-life benefits and increased demand for productivity in a more dynamic and competitive environment, leaders of all types and industrial and public sectors are looking diligently for ways to deal with these two forces.

Effective work-life benefits – It is a popular belief that good work-life benefits encourage employees to work harder and discourage them from quitting their jobs, according to research by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB). Both men and women hold similar views of work-life benefits, the board found in a survey of over 50,000 global workers.  More employees want to spend quality time in places with their family and friends but still earn enough to meet the demands of a rising cost of living.  Currently, due to the shortage of labor in many parts of the world, the employee has the better advantage to choose their work.

Demand for productivity – the demand for a leaner, flexible work force that can produce more output in less time is an ever increasing trend placing a burden on wages, lifestyle and health of the modern employee.  According to Automation World;  Today, manufacturers are challenged by increasing demands of variability—smaller lot sizes, customization, and unplanned supply chain and customer order changes.  A business in general needs to make a profit to keep its doors open in the long run. Increasing productivity lets a firm make more products without increasing costs. Producing more creates the opportunity to make more sales, which in turn offers the potential to increase profits. Continual increase in workload per employee has its cost.  Overstressed, burned out, and an unmotivated work force is quite counter-productive and not to mention a sheer detriment to the human condition.

Shift toward Smart Technologies – has been happening for a while in an effort to compensate for the struggle between lifestyle and productivity demands. The advent of Smartphones and other innovations come in response to people wanting to stay connected and get and share more information quicker, but there is still a lag in the pace in which this compensates. Perhaps a shift in the way we view these technologies in our current way of living needs to come into the picture.  There needs to be a complete new way of thinking,

We continually ask the same set of questions to these challenges which may seem unrelated: How do we find the right talent for a particular type of work where do we place them?  Once they are in place, how do we keep them motivated to stay and produce more? How do we build the team’s cohesion and power of synergy?  What tools can they use to make work easier? Etc. etc.  The answer is not always simple nor straight forward so at Head Communications, we combine Smart Technologies and AI together with certain methods to hack the team habit pattern of work to deal with this issue.