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Infrastructure Inspection Solution

Asset Management is all about keeping roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, and other infrastructure in the best possible condition. It is essential to have a safe and reliable infrastructure system. Head Communications is recognised worldwide for our ability to facilitate this at the lowest possible life cycle cost – in close cooperation with our customers.

For this solution we provide stakeholders of critical infrastructures an effective, cost saving, simple to use, geo-location tool for tracking inspections, activities, people, equipment all in real-time.  The inspection tool features.

  • Voice and messaging communication and notification among inspectors
  • Image, text and aural registration of all on-location events of participating users
  • Event logging for insurance and legal documentation
  • Real-time visual oversight for supervisors and managers.
  • Customized enhancements for your specific area of responsibility
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You can rest assured knowing that we take care of tool, updates, upgrades and customization.


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