Monitoring and Data Analytics

AIM Next Platforms consist of 3 parts:

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Integration to third party data sources
Customized Front-End Design for Monitoring and Data Analytics

Customized solutions for the monitoring and data analytics front-end are available for the AIM Next platform.  Content can be designed for specific data types, maps, charts, user spaces, pages, and menus.

Use Case For Transport Sector – UTM/ Traffic and Fleet Management

Centerline UTM

It is safe to say we can all agree that having the ability to monitor, control and maintain autonomous systems while they are performing their tasks is important.  This is the main reason for developing the Centerline Unmanned Traffic Management System (UTM)–Whether performing autonomous delivery of food, emergency and other supplies, performing rescue operations or surveillance, having oversight over the autonomous fleet gives the fleet coordinator or manager the power to make the best decisions.

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Back-end Solution

The back-end solution consist of the data storage, dissemination, and handling, can be adapted to multiple data storage and sources using various service options:

  • Cloud Server – our server for managed service where fewer users will need to access the data.
  • Enterprise Server – an on-site server which is managed by the customer is an optional service for those who want to use their existing infrastructure for data storage and applications for data handling.
  • Data Centre – used where a large number of users need to access the data or where a large number of geographically data collection points exist.

Integration services for data sources

In order to capture data from multiple external sources,  connections from the server to the field where the data originates can be provided.  Applications will capture the data through customized  API’s to tie this external data from sensors or 3rd party data, etc. Data source may be direct from field sensors from multiple equipment installations, infrastructure components, measurement units, facilities, aircraft, watercraft, or land vehicles.