Head Communications

A Dutch based company in The Netherlands with the vision to be the premier provider of data communications solutions for autonomous air, land, and water transport systems throughout Europe.

Our Approach:

Instead of our clients wading through an insurmountable volume of infrastructure and other data which takes days or even weeks to arrive where it is needed, we believe that providing¬† ‘useful’ information fast and in the language that the user can understand is the most important aspect of using ‘big data’.

We provide direct sales of BLOS ultra long-range data link devices with cloud, server and data centre solutions and decision support software tools to manufactures, users, operators and owner of these assets.

Our Story:

Every business has a beginning, and ours began as a high-tech start-up in the transport sector identifying with a specific need for autonomous vehicles and civil-use remote piloted aircraft systems or RPAS’s (drones) and deploying the concept in an actual use-case. The founder’s passion for the craft began in the manned aviation sector where tracking aircraft is crucial for flight safety and planning for specific use-cases.

Today our products and solutions are used in providing rapid,  secure communications for transport, space, and energy sectors and our smart tools which may be used in many other sectors.